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Welcome to the OGC Virtual Collaboration Web-4m Server. Here are just a few notes to get you on your way:



  1. I would recommend anyone whom needs to share their desktop to turn off video acceleration on their machine for these sessions (otherwise, it looks great on your screen, but everyone else sees a black box :)

  2. Go to the Web4m Collaboration Server:

  3. Review instructions if necessary and click the appropriate link to start the "web4m". NOTE: Quick Start will only work with Windows and some Mac Systems. The only advantage is for future logins.

  4. We have enabled tunnelling so that if you are behind a (typical) firewall, you should select the Secure Access-4M Tunnel option. Otherwise, you will be using port 7000 (and maybe some others).

  5. At the login screen (wait till it fully loads) put in a username (I suggest you use the same as your OGC Portal Login, although, this will in no way be tied to your OGC Account) and any password that you can remember. Then click on "New User". You will need to reenter your password and your full name. Accept the license agreement and your in.

  6. At this point, most of you will only need to be concerned with the "Rooms" button. Click "Rooms" and a new window will launch with at least the lobby and mulitmedia 1 rooms available.

  7. The leader of the conference should instruct you as to which room you will be in (hint, if you are not the leader, go to the room with people in it :)

  8. The leader will need to start the conference (leader: select "slideshow only" then browse to public folder and select blank.ss, click open) This limits the bandwidth pushed out to every participant to the minimum level (no audio or extra graphics). If the leader leaves the room, or logs out, the conference is automatically terminated. Someone will need to restart a conference to continue.

  9. The leader can show their desktop and applications or pass control to another participant by selecting their username from the Participating list on the left hand side of the room and then going to the menu "Slideshow=> Pass Control to: xxxx" (where xxxx is the highlighted name from the list).

  10. Web4m tries to optimize screen color based upon your connection and graphics settings, some of you might be seeing another's application in 8-bit color and other's in 16-bit. Just understand that not everyone sees exactly the same thing at the same time.

  11. When you are presenting, do not make small unnecessary mouse movements as each movement requires each screen to be refreshed.


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updated: 2006-11-05 kstegemoller