Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Address Book
Adding an Entry  Removing and Entry  Sorting Entries

The Address Book is useful for keeping personal or business contact information. To access the address book select [ Address Book] from the [ Utilities] menu. You can also access the address book via the Email [Tool] menu. 

Address Book Window

Adding an Entry

To  add an entry to the address book click [ New Entry]. The entry window (shown below) will appear. Enter the name for the contact, select [ Primarily Business or Personal] and fill in the appropriate contact information. After entering the contact information, click [Save]. It is also possible to add a new entry from the Read Email window. To do this select  [Create Business/Personal Address] from the [Tools] menu. The email address will be filled in automatically. 

The Primarily Business or Personal selection determines which phone number and email address will appear in the Address Book and which email address is used when you mail from the address book

Address Book Entry Window

Removing an Entry

To remove and entry from the Address Book, select the entry and click [Delete Entry].

Sorting Entries

Address Book entries can be sorted by last name, first name, phone number, company or email address. Simply click the header in the list box to sort by the desired field. Click the list header again to change the direction of the sort.

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