Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Audio Conferencing
Passing the Microphone  Requesting the Microphone  

An audio conference allows you to broadcast streaming audio to all users in a room. It is an effective tool for presentation when used in conjunction with the Interactive Slide Show. To start an audio conference, click [Start Conference] on the Conference window. Once you start an audio conference, you will see the users names become italicized as they join the conference. When all the participants have joined simply start talking, pass the microphone or add microphones for multi-user conversations.

Passing the Microphone

To pass the microphone select a user from the Participant's list and click [Pass Mic]. The person to whom you have passed the mic will be prompted to see if they want the microphone. If they refuse the microphone, or take no action within 8 seconds, the mic will revert back to you. If you are the individual who started the audio conference, you can take back the microphone at any time by choosing [ Take Mic] under the Slide Show menu

Requesting the Microphone

To request to talk in an audio conference click [ Req Mic]. The current speaker must pass you the microphone, and you will be prompted as to whether you want to accept it. You have 8 seconds to respond to this prompt, otherwise the microphone will revert to the previous speaker. When the microphone appears next to your name in the Participant's list, you have control of the microphone and can start speaking. 

Adding/Removing a Microphone

To add a microphone, select a user from the Participant's list and click [Add Mic]. The person's microphone will then become active. Note that multiple users can speak at the same time. When you no longer want an individual to have a microphone, select the user and click [Remove Mic] under the Slide Show menu


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