Web-4MTM Reference Manual
Starting the Calendar  Adding Appointments  Setting a Alarm
Repeating Appointments  Modifying Appointments  Scheduling
Mailing Appointments Printing Appointments  Deleting Appointments

Introduction to the Calendar

 The Personal Calendar is used to keep track of appointments, (any meetings, or other special events are considered appointments) you wish to be reminded of on a daily or long term basis. The calendar allows you to create alarms to remind you of upcoming appointments and mail calendar appointments to others.

A monthly Calendar view. 

Starting the Calendar

 The calendar is started from the Control Panel by selecting the [Calendar] button. When the calendar is selected the calendar's view that is specified in the Preferences menu will appear. 

Add Appointments

 You can create calendar events for appointments, meetings or other events you wish to schedule by double clicking the time frame in the Day View for which the event occurs. This will display the Appointment editor. To schedule appointments you need perform the following steps: 

  1. Select a time frame to enter your appointment by double clicking on it.
  2. When the appointment editor opens enter text describing the appointment in the description window. 
  3. Select where the appointment is to take place (if applicable). 
  4. Select a start time, and end time for the appointment. 
  5. Select any repeats (for recurring items only). 
  6. Select any reminders for the appointment. 
  7. Select the Priority for the appointment. 
  8. Select the access level.
  9. Select [Save] at the bottom of the Appointment Editor to add the appointment to your calendar.

Day view 

Setting an Alarm or Reminder

 You can create popup or sound alarms for any of your appointments using the Appointment Editor. The drop down boxes in the middle of the Appointment Editor indicate if, and what kind of alarm are set. Once an alarm is activated you can select the time prior to the event that the reminder will occur using the dialog box for a number and the pull down menu to select minutes, hours, days, etc. 

Repeating Appointments

 You can repeat calendar events by selecting intervals using the repeat pull down menu near the bottom of the left hand side of the display.  This will activate the Repeat editor where you can set the rules for the repeat. 

Appointment Editor

Modifying Appointments

 You can modify calendar events by selecting the appointment you wish to modify from the Day view. This selection will show you all the details of this appointment and allow you to edit them. Modify these as desired and then click [Save]  to commit your changes. Selecting [Cancel] will abort your changes to this appointment. 

Mailing Appointments to Others

 You can mail any scheduled appointment to others using the system by selecting the appointment to be mailed from the Day View and selecting [Mail] from the bottom of the window. This will activate the mail composer with the selected calendar event shown as an attachment. 

Printing the Calendar

 You can print your monthly calendar by selecting [Print] from the bottom of the current view. 

Accepting Mailed Appointments

 When someone mails you a calendar event as an attachment you will be given the option to add the event to your calendar. If you accept the calendar event it will automatically be added to your calendar. You can use the Appointment editor to see the details of the event, modify or delete the event. 

Deleting Appointments

 You can delete appointments from your calendar by selecting the appointment from the Appointment list in the Calendar Editor and then selecting [Delete] from the bottom line of the Calendar Editor. 

Scheduling Appointments

You can use the scheduler to merge calendars from multiple users to find "holes" in their schedules to add appointments. Click [ Scheduler] to launch this tool. For more information refer to the Scheduler under Utilities. 

Quitting the Calendar

 You can quit the Calendar by selecting the [ Quit] button on the bottom of the Calendar Window. 

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