Web-4MTM Reference Manual
Starting Chat   Using Chat   Formatting Chat   Color Picker   Whispering

Introduction to Chat

Chat provides the capability to communicate with other Web-4M users through text, in an online group discussion. Chat is started within a Room . Messages typed by anyone using chat in the room you are in will appear in the Chat message window area of everyone in the room who is using Chat (see below). You may block the input from selected users. In that case you won't see what they type. They may block your input as well. 

A Chat window in action. 

Starting Chat

Chat is started automatically when you enter a room. Starting from the top, the Chat box displays the name of the Chat room, status messages about those entering and leaving the room, the messages sent to this chat room and your text entry area. 

Using Chat

To use Chat, type any messages in the text entry area near the bottom of the chat window. Start by selecting [ the text area] before you start typing. These messages will be sent to the chat room when you press return. 

Quitting Chat

The only way to quit chat is to leave the Conference room. 

Formatting Text

You can format text in the Chat area using the following character strings. All format sequences begin with a backslash. 

Format Command Function
\b Start Bold Text
\B End Bold Text
\i Start Italics Text
\I End Italics Text
\u Start Underlined Text
\U End Underlined Text
\+ Increase Font Size
\- Decrease Font Size
\r Red Text
\m Blue Text
\g Green Text
\d Return to Default Font
Color Picker

The color picker to the left of the chat window allows you to color the text from each chat participant a different color to improve readability. To change the color of a user, first select the user in the chat display area and then select the color.


While in a chat room you may whisper to one or more users. Whispered text only appears on the chat displays of those to whom you whisper. To whisper to another user, first select the [names to sent the whisper] text from the list on the left hand side of the chat room. Then select the [Whisper ] button in the lower right hand side of the chat room. 

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