Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Conference Scheduler
Web4M allows anonymous or Guest Users to login directly into a room provided they have a conference id.  The conference id can be valid forever or for a specified period.  If a period is specified anonymous users can only logon during this specified time.

To schedule a conference, go into a room.  The user needs to be a superuser, the owner, or have room access privileges to schedule a conference.  Under the File menu select Schedule Conference.  Enter a conference id.  The conference must be at least 6 characters long, and should not be too easy to guess. It should not be something as simple as 123456 or abcdef.  Retype the conference id.  Select the start time for  the conference.  The user can pick either Now or a date from the drop down menu.  As for the expiration date the user can either pick Never or a date.   If a period is specified the conference id is only valid during that time.

Conference Scheduler Window

Conference Scheduler


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