Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Conference Editor
By using the Conference Editor, accessible from the main control window, you can edit any conference (with .cn extension) that you have access to.  The slide show must reside on the server in order to be edited.  Individual slides may be re-arranged, added or deleted, or may be edited for Whiteboard, and recorded Audio content.

Conference editor

  The slides will download for editing when they are selected, so you do not have to wait for the entire slide show to download before editing a single slide.  By selecting one or more slides and then choosing [Save Selected Slides] from the file menu, you can create an entirely new conference from those selected slides.  

To delete a slide, simply select it, and click the [Delete] button on the bottom of the editor.  To add a slide, click the [Insert] button. When prompted, select image, URL, or question content.  To change the audio and annotations that accompanies a particular slide you may do so by selecting the slide, then clicking the [Record] button to start the Audio Record tool. Click [Resume/Pause] to continue or pause a recording session. While recording both audio and whiteboard annotations are recorded. Click [Stop] when you are finished. After editing the slide, you can view the changes by selecting the slide, and clicking the [Play] button at the bottom of the editor.  

To prevent others from editing your conferences, you can [Save As Read Only], this will save the conference integrity, even if you wish to distribute it. Note, once a conference is saved in a read-only format, no one can edit it. Therefore it is important to maintain a backup version of your original conference file.

To edit specific slides, select the slide, then click on Edit Slide. Now you can change the Title, the Question, the URL or the Image.

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