Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Desktop/Application Sharing
Sharing your desktop  Stop Sharing  Issues

Introduction to Desktop/Application Sharing

After entering a  Room and Starting a Conference a view of the presenter's computer desktop can be shared with conference participants. This feature is useful for demonstrating applications or rendering information in its native application for discussion. 

Sharing your Desktop

To start, click [ Show Desktop ] in the conference window. This will open a window for every conference participant showing your computer's screen to them. As you move the mouse, move windows or select menu items, your actions can be viewed by all participants. To improve the Desktop Sharing performance, use simple backgrounds, no pictures or gradients. Instead of using the horizontal scroll bars, use page up and down. 


Stop Sharing

To stop sharing your desktop click the [ Close Desktop ] button in the conference window or close the App Share Presenter window.


Although application/desktop sharing can work over network connections with as little as 56kbps of bandwidth, operation may appear sluggish. When used in conjunction with other Web-4M tools simultaneously (audio and/or video) the operation may degrade. When combining audio video and application sharing in a single conference, a minimum of a 128kbps connection is recommended with rate control on the video.

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