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Web-4M is an application which was designed specifically for communicating with others over a network. It includes software tools of three different types. Effective communication on a computer is much harder than face to face communication, thus it requires a good understanding of the strengths and limitations of the communication tools available. This introduction briefly describes the main uses of the tools within Web-4M to help you decide how to use them to your best advantage. 

There are synchronous tools, including YO , broadcasting , application sharing , chat , whiteboards , slide shows, video , and phone , which are used to communicate when others are also using Web-4M. Web-4M uses rooms to help people organize themselves according to their interests. Some of these rooms are a permanent part of the Web-4M system while others can be temporary public or private gathering places. When using Web-4M you can move from room to room taking your tool kit with you. You can create more than one tool kit and try to be in more than one place at a time. 

There are asynchronous communication tools, such as e-mail and news groups, which are useful for communicating with others, even when they are not logged into Web-4M. In both cases, you are sending electronic mail in the form of text, html files, pictures, movies and sound to other users. Electronic mail can be addressed to only a few specific users while mail sent to news groups can be viewed by anyone. If you have an external electronic mail server you can use the Web-4M mailer to get or send electronic mail anywhere on the internet. 

There are utilities, such as the File Manager , Slide Show Builder , Question Builder , Scheduler and Calendar , which help you organize both time and information. 

Web-4M divides any files you use within the system into three separate areas , a public area on a file server, your private area on a file server and your private area on your local system. This file organization maintains the required security and yet allows you to easily share information with others. 

Web-4M is a Java application that you access using your web browser. You don't need Web-4M software on your computer to use it. When you log into Web-4M you are actually just starting a Java program which first checks to see if you have access to Web-4M. Once you have logged in you have access to all the capabilities of Web-4M. 


This document will use emphasized text for any information you must input. 

 This document will use text in [light blue brackets] to indicate the text on a button or menu item you should press. 

 This document will use text in [[double light blue brackets]] to indicate that you should double click on a button or menu item. 

Starting Web-4M

Web-4M is started by accessing a web site or page with your web browser that contains Web-4M (using the applet tag in HTML). The page will contain the login dialog for Web-4M that you see at right. When you see this enter your User Name in the login area and your password in the password area, then press the [Login] button. If you enter a valid user name and password you will get access to the Web-4M Control Panel

Quitting Web-4M

Once you get logged into Web-4M, you should see the [ Quit] button in the bottom right hand corner of the Control Panel . Pressing this button will bring up another dialog window asking you to verify that you really want to quit. If you press [ OK] on this second dialog, you will be logged out of Web-4M. 

Control Window

Web-4M Control Window

Using Help

Help is available within Web-4M (maybe that's how you got here - but if not simply click on the [Help] menu item at the top right-hand side of the Control Panel . When the pull down menu appears press on, [Online Help] ). The online help comes in the form of web pages that are meant to be navigated and viewed with your browser. Each reference page has a directory at the top of the page. So if find yourself in the middle of a page, scroll back up to the top. There you will find a table of contents for the page you are on. In addition, along the left-hand column of the page you will find some other useful links. These are links to the main help page, to other major topics pages that point to your current page, to the index and to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. 

Printed Manuals

The printed version of these manuals are available for your personal use in PDF format, or you can print using your browser's Print feature. Please see our copyright notice for more information on reproducing these documents. Reference Manual in PDF is shipped with your Web-4M server. Contact your system administrator to obtain a copy.

Checking to make sure the server is running

The ping command is used to send a very simple message to the Web-4M server. If the server is running the ping command will let you know its status. If the server is not running you should contact your system manager to have them restart it. 

Security and System Setup

Each browser has its own method for keeping your system secure from Java applets. JDH Web-4M uses a signed applet to make sure that you are using Web-4M and not someone else's virus pretending to be Web-4M. Check your browser's manual to determine how to authenticate Web-4M or see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) . Web-4M also will allow you to move files between your computer and the server. Again, you want to be sure that you are not being tricked into loading viruses or other harmful software. For this reason Web-4M's default setup lets you perform the necessary actions and no others. 

Copyright Information

This material is copyrighted. In keeping with our copyright policy you are free to reproduce copies of these pages or the manual document version for distribution to anyone, including yourself, who is using or will use Web-4M. You may charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of producing them. You may also duplicate or reproduce these pages for your use when teaching others to use Web-4M. Other uses require the written consent of JDH Technologies LLC. Web-4M is a registered trademark of JDH Technologies, LLC. 

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