Web-4MTM Reference Manual
Entering a Room  Exiting Rooms  Using Annexes  
Using Hideouts  Starting a Conference

Web-4M has transformed chat rooms into multimedia rooms that include text based chat, shared whiteboards and interactive slide shows. 

Within Web-4M there are three types of rooms, permanent rooms, annexes and hideouts. The differences are that permanent rooms are created and destroyed by the system manager which annexes and hideouts are created by users and are destroyed when the last person leaves the room. The difference between hideouts and annexes is that anyone can locate and enter an annex. The names of hideouts you create are not available to other users unless you tell them about them. 

It is possible for you to be in more than one room at a time and thus have more than one toolkit. It takes real skill to manage all these tools effectively under such conditions. 

Entering a Room

 Rooms are accessible from the Command Window. When you select the [Rooms] button on right of the Command Window, a Room Selector Window is created. You use this window to select a room, an annex or a hideout, to create new annexes and hideouts or to go from one room to the next. 

The Room Selector Window 

 To enter a room, select the [room name ] from the list of rooms on the left hand side of the Room Selector. You can then use the [Who's There] button to see who is currently in the room. Once you are happy with the room you have chosen, select [Enter] and a Conference window will appear. 

Exiting Rooms

 You can exit a room by selecting the [Exit ] button on the bottom of the Conference Window for that room. 

Using Annexes

 Annexes are temporary rooms created by one of the system users. They last only as long as their are people in the room. Once the last person leaves an annex, it is destroyed. To see the list of annex selecting the [ Annex] button on the Room Selector Window and then select the [ annex you wish to use]. Finally select the [ Enter]. Selecting [Cancel] will cancel the annex select. 

Using Hideouts

Hideout are temporary rooms created by a user. They are similar to annexes, but the name of the hideout are not available in any window. 

Hideout Entry Window 

The only way you can find out about a hideout is if someone else tells you the name of the hideout. To create or go to a hideout, select the [ Hideout] button on the Room Selector Window. This will activate a small window in which you can enter the Hideout's name (the Hideout's name is case sensitive). Pressing return will take you to the hideout. If you mistyped the name of a hideout someone else told you about, you will probably find yourself all alone in your own personal hideout.

Starting a Conference

One in a room, to start an Audio Conference, Slide Show, or both, select [Start Conference] from the command buttons on the lower left of the Conference window.  This will display a selector window so that you may choose the tool(s) that you need.  To use the Whiteboard, select [Show Whiteboard] from the Whiteboard drop-down menu.   The Chat feature is automatically started when you enter the room.

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