Web-4MTM Reference Manual
Stating the Scheduler  "Identifying Holes"  

The Scheduler is used to merge the multiple calendars. This provides a view in which it is easy to identify times in which no appointments are scheduled. When used in conjunction the Calendar's mail appointment feature it becomes an effective means of scheduling meetings, presentations, exams, etc.

Staring the Scheduler

To run the Scheduler select [Scheduler] under the [Utilities] Menu. The Scheduler Window (shown below) will appear. Drag and drop groups or users from the lists on the right to the list on the left. You can also select and click [Add] in lieu of drag and drop. To merger the calendars of all the users in each group and the individually selected users click [OK].

Scheduler Window

Identifying "Holes"

After running the Scheduler a merged calendar view will appear like the one shown below. The users you selected in the scheduler appear on the right in a color coded list. Each user has a unique color identifying time slot in which appointments are scheduled. By looking to times in which no color bars appear, "hole" or open time slots can be identified. It is also possible to sequence through weeks using the [Next] and [Previous] buttons or seeking directly there by using the [Month] and [Year] drop down menus.

Scheduler Merged Calendar View.

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