Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Slide Show Builder
Starting Slide Show Builder   
Slide Show from PowerPoint
Opening a Slide Show
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Saving a Slide Show   Modifying a Slide Show   Reordering Slides
Allowable Slide Types Tests and Surveys   Proctor Option

The Slide Show Builder is used to create slide shows from existing files. The builder allows you to include white boards, gif's, jpg's, sounds and html files in your slide show by browsing your directory and selecting the files for your slide show. You can then make these slide shows publicly accessible or keep them in your private area. 

Starting the Slide Show Builder

The slide show builder is started using the Utilities pull down menu located at the top right of the Control Panel . After selecting Utilities, select Slide Show Builder from the pull down menu. The is the Slide Show Builder window will then appear. You may [Open] an existing slide show to edit it,or create a new slide show if you desire. 

Slide Show from PowerPoint

Select [Add slides from local powerpoint file ] on the [ File ] menu. Using the file dialog navigate to the PowerPoint file and click [ Open ]. Choose the destination folder in which you would like to store the slide show with the file dialog and click [ Select ]. The slides will be created as GIF images, uploaded to the server and imported into the Slideshow Builder. Save the slide show file and then [ Quit ] .

Quitting the Slide Show Builder

You may quit the slide show builder by selecting [ Quit] at the bottom left of the Slide Show Builder. 

Opening a Slide Show

To open a slide show (for modifications) select [Open] on the Slide Show Builder. This will provide access to the document selector . Use the document selector to locate the slide show you wish to use. The convention is to use the file extension "ss" for slide shows. 

Adding Slides

To add a slide for a slide show, start by clicking [Image], [URL] [Audio] or [Question] . Selecting any one of these four buttons will activate the document selector to allow you to select the document you wish to use for this slide. A slide may include one each of Image, HTML and Sound if desired. Do not use files on your local computer for slides, copy them to the server first. If you know the name of the file or URL you want to add to the slide show you may type the information directly into the text areas provide. The diamond symbols indicate the presence of an image, URL or question associated with each slide show entry.

Removing Slides from a Slide Show

To remove a slide from the slide show, select the title of the slide you wish to remove. Then select [Delete]

Saving your Slide Show

To Save your slide show, select [Save] . this will allow you to select the folder and the file name for the slide show. 

Modifying an Existing Slide Show

To modify an existing slide show, open that slide show. Once open, you may add slides, delete slides or change the Images and HTML used by each slide. 

Reordering Slides

Slides may be reordered within a slide show by selecting the slide you wish to move and dragging it to the location where you wish to insert the slide. 

Allowable Slide Types

Slides can include images (gif's, jpg's, and white boards), any HTML document your browser can display, and sounds (.au) files. Question slides are created using the Question Builder found under the [ Utils] menu. 

Tests and Surveys

Slide shows with questions can be used to build tests and surveys. Tests and surveys are different from other slide shows in that question slides solicit a response from the slide show participants. These responses are recorded and can be reviewed by the proctor (see below). For more information refer to the Question Builder , Question Viewer and Slide Show.

Proctor Option

Using the [Proctor] option on the [File] menu in the slide show builder you can change the proctor of a slide show. For question slides the responses are archived in the Server/Private/TEST folder of the proctor. Also, when the proctor of a slide show presents the slide show, question feedback (correct/incorrect indication) goes to the proctor. It is also possible to create a slide show in which all users that view the slide show get question feedback. Simply do not specify a proctor by entering a blank entry field. This is quite useful for creating study tests that give immediate feedback in a learning applications.

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