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The Interactive Slide Show can be used to make presentations over your intranet or the Internet. It works with white board images, jpg's, gif's and questions or other files you can display in your web browser. The slide show displays jpg's, gif's and white board images on the White Board which means that you and your viewers can draw on them as they are being presented (you can disable entries from others if you wish). Slide shows provide an easy to use mechanism for organizing materials for others to view as well. Slide shows can be advanced manually or can be run in an automated mode. Only one slide show can be run in a room at a time, so if there is an ongoing slide show in your current room you have to wait until it is finished or find another room, annex or hideout. 

Starting the Slide Show

You may wish to start the slide show for two reasons, to present one or to view one. In both cases you may start it the same way. Whoever starts the slide show first controls it. One possible strategy for making sure you don't interfere with other slide shows is to show them in an annex created especially for that purpose. 

Slide Shows are started within a room by selecting [Start Conference]  on the bottom of the Conference window.  Once the media selection window appears, choose either to run a conference using a Slide Show.

If there is a slide show already in progress when you enter the room, you will automatically join it.  Your version of the slide show controller will allow you to quit, but will not allow you to advance or reverse the slides. 

If there is no slide show in progress the Slide Show Controller will appear and you can select the slide show you want to present using the document selector. The users listed on the left side of the controller are those currently viewing the slide show. The slides are listed in order on the left side of the controller. 

Quitting the Slide Show

You can quit the slide show by selecting [Exit Conference] on the bottom left of the Conference window.  If you are running the slide show any participants still viewing the slide show will get a message indicating that you have terminated the slide show. 

Notifying Others of Slide Shows

Whenever you start a slide show anyone who is in the current room will be notified automatically of the slide show. If you wish to notify others not in the room you can use the Broadcast facility. Quite often the best way to run a slide show is to create a new room to hold the slide show. To do this, use broadcast to invite others and direct them to the room, annex or hideout where the slide show will take place. 

Changing Slides

Running a slide show primarily consists of selecting the slides to be displayed. This can be done by using your keypad Right or Up arrow keys to advance the slides, and Left or Down  arrows to show the previous slide.  You can also select any slide you wish by clicking on that specific slide. 

As the controller of the slide show you have several options concerning the way the slide show is presented. 

  • You can run the slide show in an automated mode (so that the slides change automatically after a fixed length of time). 
  • You can allow or prohibit your viewers from saving the slides to disk.
  • You can allow or disallow modifications to the slides by others.
Selecting A Slide Show

When you select to run a slide show you will soon see a Slide Show selector dialog. This selector works in the same manner as the Document viewer works for viewing slides and allows you to browse folders to find a slide show. The slide show builder saves all slide shows with the "ss" extension by default. Choose the slide show you wish to present by selecting [the desired slide show] followed by [Open] or by double clicking on the [[desired slide show]] .

Joining a Slide Show

You may join a slide show when it first starts or once it is already in progress. You must be in the room in which the slide show is being presented to view the slide show. If you enter a room that already has a Slide Show in progress, you will automatically join.  If you are in a room when someone else starts a slide show, you get a message asking you if you wish to join the slide show. If you say that you wish to join the slide show controller will appear in the Conference Window. You can use this to track the progress of the slide show or to play any audio messages which are a part of the slide show. If you select to run a slide show and someone else is presenting a slide show in that room, you will be asked to join the slide show in progress. 

Leaving a Slide Show

You may quit a slide show at any time by selecting [ Exit Conference] . If you are a viewer this has no effect on the slide show. If you are the presenter, this will end the slide show. 

Annotating A Slide Show

The interactive slide show uses the Whiteboard to display most graphics. Consequently, if the presenter allows it you may draw on the slide show just as you would any whiteboard. 

Replaying a Slide Show

Slide shows that are located in the public document area may be presented by anyone at any time. Locate an empty room. Select [Start Conference], and then select to run a slide show.  When the Slide Show Selector box appears, choose [the desired slide show] and then select [Open] . You will then be able to run the slide show as you desire. 

Saving Slides while Viewing a Slide Show

If the presenter allows it, you may save any displayed slide using the save feature of the whiteboard.

Instant Slide Feature

While showing a Slide Show, it is possible to create a slide “on the fly” by using the Instant Slide feature.  From the Conference Window, under the slide show drop down menu, select  [Instant Slide].  You can create the slide in the same manner as described in the Slide Show Builder section.  This slide is then incorporated into the slide show right after the currently selected slide by pressing [Update].

Tests and Surveys

Slide shows with questions can be used to build tests and surveys.  Question slides are different from other slide types in that they solicit a response from the slide show participants. These responses are recorded and can be reviewed. To build a test or survey, questions must first be created via the Question Builder. The Slide Show Builder is use to order the questions in a sequence to build the test. When a presenter advances to a question slide in slide show, the participants are presented the question and allowed to submit a response. For multiple choice, T/F or numerical questions, these responses are evaluated in real-time and  a green (correct) or red (incorrect) diamond indicator will appear by the name of participant. The response to a question can also be charted and these responses can be shared with other slideshow participants.

It is also possible to have users take a test or survey independently by opening the exam with the Document Browser. Responses are recorded and stored test creator's private directory for review with the Question Viewer.

Sync Browse

By using the Sync Browse feature in a conference the user running the Slide Show is able to instantly take all of the people in the room to the same HTML file.  To use Sync Browse, click [Sync Browse] from the control buttons on the lower left of the Conference window (The button will only appear if there is a conference running).  This will open a file selector window with which you can either choose an existing HTML file from either your personal area, or the public area, or type in a web address in the URL box at the bottom of the window.  By then pressing [Open], you and the rest of the room will view the file, or address specified. 

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