Web-4M User's Manual
Contents How to add a calendar appointment.

  1. Click the Calendar button on the main control window.
  2. Click on the day you would like to add the appointment.
  3. Click on the time frame where you want the appointment entered.
  4. When the Appointment Editor opens, choose a start and stop time for the appointment.
  5. Enter the appropriate information in the Description and Location boxes.
  6. Choose any repeats, or alarms that you need.
  7. Set the priority level, and Access level for the appointment.
  8. When done entering information, click Save to save your appointment. 
  1. You may enter more than one appointment for a given time frame by using the Appt1 and Appt2 boxes in the day view.
  2. Use the Priority levels to distinguish between two appointments at the same time.
  3. Use the Access levels to allow a group, or everyone to see a particular appointment.
  4. Projects can have shared calendars. Go to the Project menu in a room.

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