Web-4M User's Manual
     Contents  How to use App Share.

App Share, allows you to view or control another Web-4M user's computer or to allow another Web-4M user to view or control your computer.
  1. Select a user from the user list in the main control window.
  2. Click the  App Share button.
  3. Select one of the following:
    • Show my desktop to user
    • Allow user to control my desktop
    • View user's desktop
    • Control user's desktop
  4. Depending on the which of the above options you select, you will then be able to view or control the user's machine, or the user will be able to view or control your machine.
  1. To effectively share applications, you should have at least a 128K bps network connection.
  2. When App Sharing, use simple backgrounds, don't use images or gradients. Complex backgrounds may adversely affect performance due to an increase in required bandwidth.
  3. Do not use the scroll bars, use the page Up and Down.
  4. For more color depth, go to the App Share tab under Perferences (on the Utils menu).

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