Web-4M User's Manual
     Contents How to access a desktop remotely.

App Share can allow you to remotely control another computer without the manual granting of permission typically required to view or control another computer.
  1. From the Utils menu, select Preferences then App Share .
  2. Select the mode of control you desire for the remote user (Autologin(Control) or AutologinView).
  3. Enter the login name of the Allowed User to access the computer.
  4. You must stay logged into Web-4M to remote access your machines desktop. 
The remote user (specified in Preferences above) can now access your computer by:
  1. Selecting your user name from the user list in the main control window.
  2. Selecting App Share from the Tools menu and then selecting one of the either View user's desktop or Control user's desktop.
  1. On Windows platforms, screen savers with password control will not work remotely through App Share.
  2. To effectively share applications, you should have at least a 128K bps network connection.

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