Web-4M User's Manual
 How to build a slide show from PowerPoint.

  1. Open the Slideshow Builder from the Tools menu.
  2. Select Add slides from local powerpoint file on the File menu.
  3. Use the file dialog to navigate to the PowerPoint file and  click Open.
  4. Choose the destination folder in which you would like to store the slide show with the file dialog and click Select.
  5. The slides will be created as GIF images, uploaded to the server and imported into the Slideshow Builder.
  6. Save the slide show file and then Quit.
  7. To view the completed slide show you may open it with the Documents button on the main control window or present it to others in a conference.

  1. You can reorder slides by dragging and dropping them in different positions within the slide list.
  2. Add URL (web pages, mpegs ...) or Questions by clicking the appropriate button.

  1. To create a slideshow from a PowerPoint file, the PowerPoint application must be installed on your computer.

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