Web-4M User's Manual
  Contents How to chat.

  1. Navigate to the desired room, annex or hideout.
  2. Locate the chat section on the lower part of the Conference window.
  3. Start typing in the text area (Thin line below Chat box.)
  4. Type the Enter key to send the message.
  1. Use \b,\u,\i\r,\g,\m,\_\^,\+\-,\d for bold, underline, italic, red, green, blue, subscript, superscript, increased font size, decrease font size, and default font size respectively.
  2. Select a user and click the Whisper button to direct a chat message to a specific user.
  3. Select the name of a user in the chat message window then click a color to change the color of that user's chat messages.

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