Web-4M User's Manual
  Contents How to start a conference.

  1. Navigate to the desired room, annex or hideout and enter.
  2. Click the Start Conference button. If the Start Conference button is ghosted, there is currently a conference in progress, or you don't have the permission.You can join the current conference or go to another room.
  3. Select the type of conference you would like (Audio only, Slide show only, or Both) and click OK.
  4. If you are presenting a slide show, you will be prompted with a file dialog to select a previously created slide show file. Select the desired slide show and click Open. See the section on Building a Slide Show .
  5. You should now be ready to start talking and presenting slides.
  6. Click the Exit Conference button when you are done.
  1. Use the Sync Browse button to bring all conference participants to a web page.
  2. Use question slides in your conference, to query or poll the conference participants. See How to create and add question slides .

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