Web-4M User's Manual
  Contents How to Login to Web-4M.

  1. Obtain the web address (URL) for Web-4M from the administrator at your site.
  2. On the main web page for the Web-4M server there are two links:
    • Launch Web-4M and
    • Launch Web-4M with QuickStart.
  3. The launch Web-4M with QuickStart will download Web-4M to your computer and is recommended if you are connecting over a slow network, otherwise select Launch Web-4M.
  4. The first time you login to Web-4M you will be prompted to grant permissions for the program to access your computer. Grant the requested permissions. If you specify to have permissions remembered (or always trusted) you will not be prompted again on subsequent logins.
  5. Web-4M can be configured for open registration. If this is how your site is set up, the New User button will unghosted. If this is the case, type in your user name (pick anyone) and a password (again pick anyone) and click the New User button. You will be prompted for your password again and for your full name.
  6. If Web-4M is not open for registration, you must obtain a user name and password from your administrator. Type in your user name and password and click the Login button.
  7. The Web-4M control panel should appear showing E-Mail, News, Calendar, Phone, Documents and Rooms.
  • Common Problems: 
    1. Out of date web browser.
    2. Invalid user name or password, see your administrator, the name might be allready in use.
    3. Simple spelling mistake of username or password.
    4. Does not connect due to a firewall problem, see your administrator to make sure the appropriate ports are open in your firewall (typically ports 7000 - 7005(TCP) and 9100 - 9200(TCP/UDP). and 9100) or the Acess-4M tunnel server is running.

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