Web-4M User's Manual
  Contents How to post (transfer) a document.

  1. Select File Manager found under the Utils menu.
  2. Select a local file using the file list on the left side of the File Manger.
  3. Select the destination folder using the folder list on the right side of the File Manger.
  4. Click the Right Arrow (Copy) button to transfer the file.
  • Hints:
    1. You can select multiple files for transfer by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting the desired files.
    2. You can select a range of files by holding down the Shift key and selecting the first and last file in the desired range.
    3. You can also drag and drop files from one file list to the other to initiate a file transfer.
    4. By using the Local and Server radio button you can change the direction source and destination of the file transfer.

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