Web-4M User's Manual
     Contents How to read e-mail.

  1. Click the Mail button on the main control window.
  2. Click the message you would like to read. The text will appear in the area below the message header list.
  3. If the message has attachments, click the associated attachment icon to open it.
  4. Use the Next button to sequence through messages.
  1. After reading your mail, click the Delete button to remove the selected message from the InBox.
  2. Sort your mail by clicking on the headings in the mail list.
  3. If the flag on the Mail button is up, you have new mail.
  4. Mail status is as follows:
    • N - New Mail
    • R - Previously read by another mail reader
    • X - Mail message deleted on the external mail server but not in Web-4M

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