Web-4M User's Manual
  Contents How to share graphics on the white board.

  1. Navigate to the desired room, annex or hideout.
  2. Select show Whiteboard.
  3. Select the desired drawing tool (Line, Square, Rounded Square, Circle/Oval, Connected, Line, Polygon, Pencil). 
  4. Click on the drawing area and drag the mouse to draw.
  5. To add text:
    1. Click on the Text tool (T).
    2. Click on the drawing area.
    3. Click in the text box to get focus.
    4. Type the desired text.
  6. To import an image:
    1. Under the White Board menu, select Import....
    2. Select the desired GIF or JPEG image with the file dialog.
  7. To move an object on the white board:
    1. Click the Select tool (up arrow).
    2. Click the desired object and drag it.
  1. Double click a drawing tool to keep it from being deselected after you draw the associated object.
  2. Use the Options menu to change fonts, lines width and add arrows to lines.
  3. Click the right mouse button in the drawing area to get a pop-up menu with many of the common options.

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