Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Video Conferencing
To share video with an online user, select their name from the main control window , and select [Video] button (You must have video hardware, such as a internet camera,  for the video tool to work.)  This will display a dialog like the one shown below while attempting to connect.Cameras, that don't have own drivers won t work. 

Connection dialog

Once connected, the selected user will be asked if they want to view your video or not; or view your video and send you theirs.  Once the connection is established a small control panel will be appear with small versions of both the video you are receiving, and sending.  Double click on the one you wish to view to enlarge the display.  The video control panel will also give information on bit rates, and connection IP address and name. 

Video Control Panel

Options for controlling bandwidth (kbps), picture quality, and frame rate (fps) are available under the options menu (shown below).  By increasing either the frame rate, or the picture quality, the required bandwidth will also be increased.  Due to possible platform incompatibilities, it is recommended that the encoder information be left in its default configuration. By selecting the quit button at the bottom of the video control panel, you close the video connection.

Video Options Menu

Web-4M video is uses software developed by the Computer Science Department at the University College London. Copyright & Disclaimer.

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