Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Conference Player
The Conference Player allows a user to playback a prerecorded conference. When a user presents a room-based conference (slide show, audio, white board, etc.), the conference can be recorded by selecting [ Start Recording] from the [File] menu. Recorded conferences are stored in the document library (with a .cn extension). 

Conference Player Window

To playback a prerecorded conference you can simply select the conference file using the [Documents] button on the main control window. Alternately, you can launch the Conference Player from the [Tools] menu. You can use the [Next Slide] and [ Next Event] buttons to jump ahead in the conference. An Event in a conference can be many different things such as a chat message, a new slide, a new question and/or white board action. Use the [ Replay] button restart the conference from the beginning.

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