Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  Group Editor
Creating a Group  Deleting Groups  Document Access

Groups are very useful for setting up email alias lists and/or restricting access to Public directories, files and rooms. To bring up the group editor, select [Edit Groups] from the [ Utilities] menu.

Creating a Group

 To create a group, enter the new group name in the group text entry area below the Groups list. Then push the [ Create New Group] button. There are three ways to add users to the group. First, you may select [users] and [groups] from the All Users and All Groups lists on the right and then push the [Add All Selected to Group] button below the All Users list. You may also drag the selected users or groups over into the Group Members list. Alternatively, you may enter a username or an external E-mail address (for email alias list only) in the text entry area below the Group Members list and then push the [Add Name to Group] button. When you are satisfied with your group definition be sure to Save the group by selecting [Save and Exit] from the buttons at the bottom or under the File menu. 

Deleting Groups

 To delete a group, select [the group to delete] from the Groups  list, then select the [Group]  menu, followed by [Delete Selected Group]

 You may also delete users from an existing group by selecting [ the group] and [the user] to be deleted . Then select the [Group]  menu , followed by [Delete Selected User]. Finally, be sure to save the edited group.

Document Access

You can use a group to apply access permissions to a Public directory in which you are the owner. Use the File Manager's  [Modify Access] option to do this. Select  [Customized access]. Refer to File Manager Access Control.

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