Web-4MTM Reference Manual
Making a Phone Call   Answering the Phone   Common Problems

The Web-4M phone supports full-duplex streaming audio communications. The phone is set to run on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP, Solaris, and LINUX.

Making a Phone Call

To make a phone call, select the name of the user you want to call from the Users List on the  Control Panel. When a user is selected the Phone icon will unghost. Click [ Phone] to place the call. The phone window (shown below) will appear. If this is the first time you have used the phone, a file will be downloaded to your computer.

Phone Image

Phone Window

Answering the Phone

To answer the phone click [ Answer] and start talking. If this is the first time you have used the phone, a file will be downloaded to your computer.

Common Problems

Does your computer's hardware support streaming audio? There are many sound cards available. To see if your sound card supports half-duplex (1-way) or full-duplex (2-way) audio, perform the following test.

  1. Open the Windows Sound Recorder (typically found under Accessories)
  2. Record a message (about 45 seconds long) and play it back. If you cannot do this, your computer may not have a sound card or may not be configured properly. In either case you need to get the basic Windows audio working to use the Web-4M phone. Talk to your administrator.
  3. If you can record and playback a message, your computer supports half-duplex (one way) audio. To test for full-duplex (2-way) audio, open a second Sound Recorder. While playing back an audio clip in one recorder, record another audio clip in the second Sound Recorder. If you can record while playing back, your computer supports full duplex audio and the Web-4M phone should work properly.
  4. If your computer only supports half-duplex, you can still use the Web-4M phone but you will need to use the [ Switch to Talk] button to switch between talking and listening. This mode of operation is similar to that of a walkie-talkie. Also, if you are using the Audio Conferencing only half-duplex is required.
Adjusting the Speaker and Microphone Volume

Your computer should have a volume control program (often found in Accessories). Use the Sound Recorder to record and playback audio to test appropriate microphone and speaker levels. Consult the Windows Help to find out more about volume control (type volume in the Help index)


Feedback from the speakers to the microphone is not uncommon. A headset with earphones and microphone will minimize this effect.

Phone or Audio Conference Sound has Dropouts.

The Phone is designed to work over low bandwidth networks (28.8 kbs or greater). Occasionally at low bandwidths (during high network traffic times), audio packets may be dropped causing a disruption in the audio stream. Normally these are brief and do not significantly compromise communications. If these dropouts become problematic upgrade to a higher bandwidth network.

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