Web-4MTM Reference Manual

Introduction to Projects

Projects are used to link together a Room, Document Folder, Shared Calendar, and a News Group. This is a convenient way to organize information shared by a team of people collaborating. Messages can be posted to the news group. Files can be placed in the shared folder and accessed via the File Manager. To access a project:

  1. Enter a room.
  2. If the room owner has created a project, access this files or news group associated with the project from the Project menu.
  • Select [ Project File ] on the menu to view project documents.
  • Select [ File Manager] on the menu to transfer document to/from the project.
  • Select [ Project Newsgroup] on the menu to read or post messages to the project.

Creating Projects

The room owner can create a project by choosing Create Project from the Project menu. The room owner simply enters the Project Folder, and selects the Project Newsgroup. Note that the Newsgroup and Folder (which must reside on the Server) should have been created previously.

Project Window

In some Web-4M configurations, Guest Users are allowed to enter a room and participate in conferences. A Guest Users does not have a named Web-4M account but is created "on the fly" to access a conference. You can select the desired options for Transient Users on the Edit Projects window.

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