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  Response Viewer
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The [Response Viewer] found under the [Utilities] allows you to examine question submissions from tests and surveys. Questions with T/F, multiple choice, and numerical answers are auto-graded.  Essay, survey and questions with graphical responses can be easily reviewed.

Response Viewer Window

Viewing Options

With the response viewer you can view "by respondent" or "by question". After selecting the test or survey, if you choose a respondent, you will see all the responses for that respondent. If you choose a question, you will see all the respondents to that question. Both views are quite useful. For example if you are reviewing a test with a student you would want to view by respondent (the student), but many instructors prefer to grade all question 1, then all question 2, and so on. Therefore, you would view by question in this case.

To see a detailed view of the a response, double click on the response you would like to view.


The grade field indicates if the response is correct. A red diamond means incorrect, a green diamond indicates a correct response. A gray diamond indicates that the question could not be graded (for example an essay or survey question).

 To Chart the distribution of responses for a questions in a bar graph format select the question you would like to chart and use the [ Chart] button.

Bar chart of question responses.


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