Web-4MTM Reference Manual
  User Commands
Adding A User Command  Special Variables

User commands found under the Utilities Menu allow a user to launch applications from within Web-4M. Any application installed on your local computer can be launched. This feature is very useful when launching third party applications that require IP addresses to connect (refer to the Special Variables section below).

Adding a User Command

To add a user command give the command a Menu Label and the user command. If the path to the user command contains spaces, enclosed the command in quotes (as shown). Click [OK] to add the command. The command will then appear in the user command list under the Utilities menu.

Special Variables

In some instances it is useful to pass the IP address or user name of a selected user to a user command. Special Variables are used to do this. For example:

"C:\Program Files\mbone\vic.exe" $I1/5000

launched the VIC video tools and connects to the IP address of the selected user on port 5000. This of course assumes that VIC has been previously installed on both machines. The table below gives a list of the special variables that can be used in user commands.
Special Variable
Selected user name
Your current IP address
Selected user's IP address

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